Nel Vuoto Delle Vetrine - Violent Shit (2) - Shit For Your Freaking Head (CDr)

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  1. Women will use these shit tests to assess initial value upon the first meeting with a male, then again and again throughout the course of a relationship with males. The key - women do not "bank" the passing of shit tests. As a male, your value is continually assessed even after marriage, kids, and buying the house with the white picket fence.
  2. Reazione - Scars'N'Beers CD Rimini Oi! 01 - Kids Of Europe 02 - Strongest Union 03 - Re-A-Zio-Ne 04 - Everyday Life 05 - F.Y.U. 06 - Happy Boozers 07 - La Mia Bella 08 - Mad About You 09 - Mirror 10 - Long Gone Days 11 - Friggin' (Sex Pistols cover) 12 - Nowhere Pub 13 - Violence In My Head 14 - Planet Earth 15 - Yesterdays Heroes (4 Skins.
  3. shit n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. uncountable, vulgar, offensive, slang (personal items) (colloquiale) roba nf sostantivo femminile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere femminile: scrittrice, aquila, lampada, moneta, felicità: Go get your shit so we can leave.
  4. I deployed Baghdad. Saw some shit. PTSD masked by a severe 10 year long opuate addiction. Sober almost 2 years now. Tried VA psych meds for about a year solid. They landed me in the basement, in the ER several times, became even more suicidal. I was out of control, whenever I wasn't sedated.
  5. A Shit Bullet is a piece of poo poo that shoots out of your anus with such force, that is splashes dirty toilet water all over your butt and even onto the bathroom floor. These tend to be small pieces that can slip out with a lot of force.
  6. THE DEFINITIVE SHIT LIST. THE GHOST SHIT The kind where you feel shit come out, see shit on the toilet paper, but there's no shit in the bowl. THE CLEAN SHIT The kind where you feel shit come out, see shit in the bowl, but there's no shit on the toilet paper. THE WET SHIT You wipe your ass fifty times and it still feels un-wiped.
  7. Violent Shit is an ultra low-budget Slasher Movie directed by Andreas Schnaas in , and released on video two years later. It was immediately banned in West Germany due to its graphic violence.. It follows the story of a young man named Karl "The Butcher Shitter" Berger who goes on a heinous killing nisdemavastesehelasacefizin.coinfo was followed by three sequels featuring Karl's son, Karl Jr., entitled Mother Hold.
  8. Violent Shit 2 by German Andreas Schnaas is another attempt in over the top gore department, but it is not as brutal as first "Shit" film, which had no humor in it. Shit 2 tries to be funny at the same time and that is its worst mistake as it definitely is not funny, just stupid/10().

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