Forgotten Tomb - Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years (CD)

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  1. Forgotten Tomb: Obscura Arcana Mortis Levy-yhtiö Agonia Julkaisuvuosi 10" 18,99 € Osta. Enää 2 kpl Forgotten Tomb: Obscura Arcana Mortis - The Demo Years reissue. Tuotetta hyllyssä, toimitus heti. Kotiinkuljetuksesta perimme rahulia 2,99€ pienemmistä lähetyksistä (lähinnä cd:t) ja isoimmista vermeistä eli.
  2. CDs (NEW ARRIVALS) * Ancient Rites - The Diabolic Serenades DIGI CD * Ancient Rites - Blasfemia Eternal DIGI CD *.
  3. FORGOTTEN TOMB Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years CD + bonus. EUR. FORGOTTEN TOMB Vol. 5. / Splatter Vinyl LP x 2. EUR. New. FORGOTTEN TOMB Nihilistic Estrangement. FORGOTTEN TOMB We Owe You Nothing CD. EUR. FORGOTTEN TOMB Hurt Yourself and the One you Love CD. EUR. 1. order terms. newsletter. contact.
  4. Forgotten Tomb - Discography () Country: Italy Genre: Black Metal (early), Gothic/Black/Doom Metal (later) Quality: Mp3, CBR kbps (CD Rip+Scans) - Obscura Arcana Mortis_ The Demo Years (Re-Released ) - Songs to Leave - Springtime Depression - Love's Burial Ground - Negative Megalomania - Vol. 5.
  5. Forgotten Tomb - Obscura Arcana Mortis: The Demo Years 10"LP (silver) Price: EUR / USD.
  6. Forgotten Tomb. Piacenza, Italy. Born in as a occult Black Metal band, FT became mainly popular for being among the true originators of the Depressive Black Metal subgenre (later stylized as DSBM) with its first 3 classic albums "Songs To Leave", "Springtime Depression" and "Love's Burial Ground". Later on the band explored increasingly wider territories, mixing their trademark sound with.
  7. Record Shop X: Forgotten Tomb products (LP, CD, Picture LP, 2CD, DVD, 2LP, 10", 7", T-shirt).
  8. Jan 24,  · Tracks recorded, mixed and mastered in May at Elfo Studio, Agazzano (PC), Italy. Original demo/MCD released in June on Treblinka Prod. in copies. Re-released in August on Eerie Art Records in copies. Produced by Agonia Records under license from Forgotten Tomb /5(4).

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