Cirith Ungol - Battle With Shelob (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. The 12” vinyl single also features a live version of their classic song Doomed Planet as the b-side, taken from their performance at Germany's Hammer of Doom festival in The single also features original artwork from the band's longtime collaborator Michael Whelan.
  2. Record Battle With Shelob • Band Cirith Ungol • Released • Format 12inch, bootleg, live Tracks. Atom Smasher (Live) Live bootleg LP. 12″ LP; [x] Atom Smasher; I’m Alive; Black Machine; Interview with Robert Garven of Cirith Ungol; LP (Plum Marbled Vinyl) Goldmine Issue ; Metal Storm – Cirith Ungol interview.
  3. Feb 11,  · Cirith Ungol was guarded by the Tower of Cirith Ungol, built by the Men of Gondor after the War of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men was fought. During the War of the Ring, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee were led up the Stairs of Cirith Ungol to this pass by Gollum to the lair of the giant spider Shelob, who dwelt there.
  4. The name is from J.R.R. Tolkien’s manufactured language of Middle Earth, Cirith Ungol translates out as "pass of the spider". The Final Lineup: Tim Baker - Vocals Jim Barraza - Guitars Vernon Green - Bass Robert Garven - Drums Former members: Neal Beattie - Vocals Jerry Fogle - Guitars (died August 20, ) Greg Lindstrom - Guitars.
  5. The band's name, Cirith Ungol, is taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and means "Pass of the Spider". It was a high pass in the land of Mordor where the monster known as Shelob lurked. The correct way of pronouncing the name Cirith Ungol is kee'reeth oo'ngol, but the band pronounces it with a soft c (see'reeth oo'ngol).
  6. Metal Blade Records to release Cirith Ungol classic “Paradise Lost” on CD and vinyl! Metal Blade has managed to find the holy grail of Heavy Metal, the album that hasn’t been available officially for decades, by one of the best Heavy Metal bands of all time – ‘Paradise Lost’ by mighty CIRITH UNGOL!
  7. Jul 25,  · 4. The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields 5. The Pyre Of Denethor 6. The Mûmakil 7. Dernhelm In Battle 8. "A Far Green Country" 9. Shieldmaiden Of Rohan The Passing Of Théoden The Houses of Healing [Featuring Liv Tyler] The Tower Of Cirith Ungol The Last Debate [Featuring Sissel Performing "Asëa Aranion"] The Land Of Shadow
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  9. Cirith Ungol was a pass or cleft through the Ephel Dúath located near Minas Morgul. At its heart was an Orc stronghold, near the caves of Shelob's lair.

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